Maintaining Synonyms on HyperSearch®

What is the Synonyms File?

HyperSearch® comes pre-loaded with many synonyms in various languages. However, you may use special vocabulary on your shop, specific to your products, or even the language-peculiarities of the geographic markets you are serving. To accommodate this vocabulary, HyperSearch® provides the facility of a Synonyms.txt file, such that you can maintain your own sets of synonyms.

For example, the shop product may have the word “Geschenk” in the product properties, but you may wish for related search-results to appear when users search for such words as “Mitbringsel” or ”Schenkung” or ”Gabe” etc. These mappings can be maintained in the Synonyms.txt file, simply as

Mitbringsel, Schenkung, Gabe => Geschenk

This creates the necessary relationships in HyperSearch® such that users searching for Mitbringsel or Schenkung or Gabe  obtain search-results in products that carry the keyword Geschenk in their properties.

You can also have multiple synonyms for a word like Mitbringsel can also be used for Souvenir.

Mitbringsel, Schenkung, Gabe => Geschenk Mitbringsel => Souvenir

Uploading the Synonyms File

The Synonyms.txt file can be uploaded into the HyperSearch® installation in your shop in two ways.


Log into your shop using any FTP-client like Filezilla, WinSCP etc. You should see a file „synonyms.txt“ at the path /shoproot/export/hypersearch/. Open the file in a text-editor of your choice. By default this file has some examples and you can ignore them. You can start writing at the end of the file, as explained above. Save the file and make sure that the changes are effective in the /shoproot/export/hypersearch server-directory. The updated data shall be synchronized in an hour and you can see the results appearing in your shop.

Via Shop Admin

You can upload the file from shop admin. Login to your shop admin and goto „Hypersearch->Configuration“ in the menu items. You can see an option to upload synonyms.txt under „Solr Configuration“. Create a local text file with synonym relation for words relative to your shop as explained above and upload the file. Please ensure to have the filename as synonyms.txt and format as in the above example. The updated data shall be synchronized in an hour and you can see the results appearing in your shop.

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