Architectural Changes in HyperSearch™ 3.0

Over it’s 2 years of research and development, HyperSearch™, the E-Commerce search-solution based on Apache Solr/Lucene has grown into a stable software-as-a-service (SaaS), used by over two dozen webshops providing search over 1 million product-records. We have solved several infrastructure issues, improved our search-algorithm and expanded our API. With HyperSearch™ 3.0, we’d like to focus on making it easier for OXID Programmers to build ever bigger shops with complex business-logic.

Changes to Expect in 3.0

Until 2.x, the search-results returned from the search-API for your specific shop would be packed in a JSON data-container, and thereafter made available to the SMARTY template-system for displaying on various shop-page-templates (primary among them were the Listing/Category-Page and Search-Engine-Results-Page/SERP).

This will change in 3.0. The results fetched from the search-API will be loaded into native OXID objects, such as oxArticle, so that OXID programmers will have the flexibility to use them in any way they need.

We call this Native Object Loading (NOL).

A Use-Case for Native Object Loading – Customer Specific Pricing

Consider a B2B shop where customers receive individual pricing, based on certain business-logic. The prices indexed in HyperSearch™ and returned upon search are however base-prices, previous to price-calculation. NOL allows the programmer to first obtain base-price values from HyperSearch™ and then perform his business-logic to finally display customer-specific-prices on templates.

In cases where the customer-specific prices are pre-calculated (ex. in ERP) and loaded into the shop-database, they have to be indexed as such. In this case, HyperSearch™ Customisations are the way to go.

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